Introductory chat

To begin, you can book a free, no obligation session to discuss what you’re looking for in a mentor and what you feel I might be able to help with. This session is also to determine whether I have the capability to assist you, and to ensure any future sessions will be worthwhile. It can also be used if you’re looking for a submission package critique or other, specific help on submitting to agents and/or publishers.

Ready to book? Click here.

Mentoring sessions

Stuck on an idea? Need some accountability? Feeling lost on where to start? Whether you’d like a one-off discussion or regular meetings, these 1 hour sessions can be tailored to your requirements.

Future mentoring sessions will be charged at the following rates. Discounts for low income, LGBTQ+ and disabled writers are available – please get in touch.

1 hour: £80

Block of 3: £220 (saving £20)

Ready to book? Click here.

Submission package critique

Looking for in-depth feedback on your submission package? Together, we can take a look at your cover letter, synopsis, and first three chapters (up to 8000 words) to make your submission to agents and publishers as strong as possible. We can also discuss where you intend to submit to, and go through any specific submission requirements.

Submission package critique: £250

Ready to dive in? Please book a 30 minute introductory chat to discuss your requirements, or get in touch.

All sessions will take place on Zoom. If you have any accessibility requirements, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate. All queries and everything discussed and shared during our sessions will be entirely confidential. Payment is required via PayPal or bank transfer upon booking, details of which will be provided. If I need to look at any material, I will request it ahead of our scheduled calls.


I don’t know what I need from a mentor, can I still book an introductory session?

Absolutely. The introductory chat is to establish what you’re looking for and whether I can help. That’s why it’s free of charge with no obligation. 

Does my novel need to be finished before I book a session?

No, we can take a look at your work-in-progress and see where you’re going. We can also work together to develop an idea, or identify where you might be stuck.

I’ve already been published and/or have an agent, can I still book with you?

Of course. Whether you’re looking to break into publishing or this isn’t your first rodeo, I can help writers at any stage of their career – including those looking at a change in genre. 

Do you accept all genres?

Yes. I’m open to all genres, including non-fiction, though please bear in mind that my own experience is with adult fiction in the psychological suspense and historical fiction genres.

Can you recommend an agent/publisher?

Yes. As part of the submission package critique and, on request, the 1-hour mentoring sessions, I will put together a list of UK agents and/or publishers I feel may be a good fit for you and your work. Please note I cannot guarantee any results from these recommendations, and you don’t have to submit your work to any of them if you do not feel they are a good fit.

Can you read my entire manuscript and critique it?

This isn’t a service I can currently offer, due to my limited time (and energy!), but it may be something I can introduce later down the line. The submission package critique does include feedback on your first three chapters/up to 8000 words.  

Do you offer any other services?

I can also help with an author website, setting up social media accounts, and other virtual assistant tasks. Please get in touch here to discuss your requirements.

I can’t afford to pay, can you still help?

Please get in touch here.

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