Last Friday, I abandoned the book I’d been working on for almost two months. I’d rewritten it three times, cut it, changed it, removed characters, added characters. I’d done just about everything I could to make it work. But it just wouldn’t, and I was forced to admit defeat. I scrapped it, put it in the proverbial drawer, and started plotting another idea. This was one I’d had months ago, and had, for some reason, put it to one side to work on the other idea. Thankfully, my publisher snapped it up and I was ready, another blank page in front of me.

It quickly became apparent that I’d done the right thing. Today I broke 12,000 words on the new book (working title At Fault), and I can really feel the characters coming through in a way that the previous characters hadn’t. When I’m writing, I usually have my characters in my head 24/7, making space for them inside my mind while I go about my daily business, and when it comes to sitting down to write, there they are, ready to tell me their story. This book is flowing as it should, and I think I’m falling in love with it a little more every day. I hope my readers will love it too.

I can’t lie, I’m quite a stubborn person, but sometimes even I have to admit defeat and start over. It isn’t easy, realising you’ve wasted a lot of time and effort, but you live and learn, I suppose.

This book is tentatively scheduled for publication next March, and hopefully I’ll be able to share some news on my next book soon! Girl, Lost is still in the top 500 on Amazon, and there should be an update on the audiobook next month.

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